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Welcome to Nick Youngson Photography

Nick Youngson Photography Nick Youngson is a photographer based in the North West of England specialising in commercial photography and web site graphics.

Should you be looking for a photographer to show your product off in a brochure or web site then send me the details and I will be happy to quote you, my rates are very reasonable.

I also have a selection of images suitable for web sites that can be licensed on a rights managec basis for just a small payment so if you are looking for something instant click on the link above to view my gallery of stock images.

Some of my range of stock images are particularly suited for article writers as they cover a large number of topics, please see below.

Publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post and the Daily Telegraph use a selection of the stock images you can see in the gallery.

Stock Images

Recent blog posts

Myths Surrounding Copyright

There are a lot of myths surrounding copyright and every photographer should understand copyright laws and how they affect their work – here are some of the common myths;

!. Your work needs to be registered.

You own the copyright of the photograph as soon as you take it and it does not need to be registered. However you may have difficulty proving it is your photograph if you don’t register your work and also ~ Read More

Marketing Your Pictures

There are various ways of marketing your photographs, perhaps the easiest is simply to offer them through one of the stock sites that offer royalty free images to the general public.

Using this method you do tend to lose control over where your pictures are displayed as if someone purchases a license they can then use the image anywhere and if you see your images on a web site you it is difficult to determine if the publisher has bought a license or simply copied the picture and uploaded it to their site for free. ~ Read More

Copyright Registration

An image is copyrighted as soon as it is created and generally the copyright in a photograph belongs to the person clicking the shutter, the photographer.

However it is sometimes difficult to prove that a particular photographer owns the copyright and this is where registering the image is important so that a photographer can protect their work. Most countries do not offer a means of registering a copyright but one exception is the US where a copyright can be registered with the US Copyright Registration Office for currently $55. ~ Read More